Student Voices:

Why I Chose Andover

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  • Image of Miriam

    Miriam ’18

    Lexington, MA

    The PA community provides an incredible amount of support and motivation. Every day, I'm inspired by the people around me to work hard and reach towards goals I would have never thought were possible.

  • Image of Ethan

    Ethan ’17

    Bethel, CT

    The perfect combination of academics, sports, extra-curriculars, and school spirit.

  • Image of Natasha

    Natasha ’19

    Johns Creek, GA

    Andover is a true “home away from home,” and the people here are my second family. The amount of love and support that I receive from teachers, faculty, and students is astounding!

  • Image of Logan

    Logan ’19

    North Andover, MA

    Andover is my home away from home, and the experiences I’ve had here are ones I’ll remember forever.

  • Image of Allison

    Allison ’19

    Shanghai, China

    The PA family brings together people with so many different stories. I came here to hear them, learn from them, and meet new storied friends!

  • Image of Nick

    Nick ’17

    South Boston, MA

    I was sold on Andover when my coach took me to lunch at Paresky Commons, and I saw troves of students bustling in and sitting down to laugh and enjoy each other’s company.

  • Image of Ora

    Ora ’19

    Paris, France

    I chose Andover for the different styles of learning and the awesome community! And I wasn’t disappointed; everyone here is interesting and fun!

  • Image of Ava

    Ava ’19

    Arcadia, CA

    I had never felt such a strong sense of community before I came to Andover. The school’s size allows for a vast array of opportunities, but it is also an intensely personal place where you are always being supported.

  • Image of Jack

    Jack ’20

    Duxbury, MA

    Upon first visiting Andover, I clearly saw the positivity and companionship that exists between both the students and faculty. Now that I am here, the environment on campus has allowed me to meet amazing people and engage in new experiences every day.

  • Image of Marianne

    Marianne ’20

    Renton, WA

    Attending PA was one of the biggest, yet most gratifying, decisions I have ever made. My PA experience allows me to take risks, have courage, and grow as a person every day.

  • Image of Pitchaya

    Pitchaya ’19

    Angthong, Thailand

    What attracted me to Andover was its diverse and talented community. I am surrounded by my favorite people who are always there to support and motivate me.

  • Image of Rosie

    Rosie ’17

    Macon, GA

    Andover is a rather large community, but a very strong one. The welcoming atmosphere and genuinely kind people are what helped me to call PA ‘home’.

  • Image of Jack

    Jack ’20

    Lawrence, MA

    I chose Andover because it was a place for expanding my limits. Whether it be mentally, athletically, academically—I knew I was going to grow.

  • Image of Annie

    Annie ’19

    New York, NY

    The thing that drew me to Andover was the amazing sense of community and opportunity. Here, I am able to try new things and find my passion, all while surrounded by amazing and supportive people!

  • Image of Max

    Max ’19

    North Reading, MA

    I chose Andover for the challenge. Pushing yourself is the best way to grow and learn.

  • Image of Haryani

    Haryani ’18

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    I wanted to go to PA ever since I saw my sister and her class graduate on the great lawn. They had so much school spirit and even though they had a big class they were all so close to each other which really appealed to me #GoBigBlue

  • Image of Carley

    Carley ’19

    Naples, FL

    I chose Andover because I knew the hard curriculum, talented students, and intelligent teachers would help me discover my passion and reach my full potential.

  • Image of Ebyan

    Ebyan ’20

    Weston, FL

    I chose Andover because I wanted to be part of a community that would change me for the better. Surrounded by the people here, I felt that I would thrive, and I have!

  • Image of Omar

    Omar ’20

    Princeton Junction, NJ

    Andover’s community is unlike any other, there is no other place with so many genuinely warm, welcoming, and witty people.

  • Image of Sarah

    Sarah ’18

    Andover, MA

    I chose Andover because I knew it was the place at which I could unleash the potential that I believed was in me. There is much to be discovered in yourself that is awaiting at Andover!

  • Image of Nick

    Nick ’19

    Sudbury, MA

    Andover combines academics, athletics and fun to create a challenging and spirited environment in which to grow. At Andover, I knew I could be myself and accomplish my goals with the support of faculty and friends.

  • Image of Claudia

    Claudia ’18

    Shanghai, China

    After visiting Andover for my initial tour and for revisit day, I realized it was a community where the teachers genuinely wanted to teach and the students were truly excited to learn. And I wanted to be a part of it.

  • Image of William

    William ’19

    Acton, MA

    I chose Andover because I immediately felt at home here. I knew I needed a school that would challenge me academically and socially, as well as offer plenty of extracurriculars. At Andover you can do it all!

  • Image of Tessa

    Tessa ’20

    Basalt, CO

    At Andover, you aren’t just learning how to balance an equation or use a chi square. You’re learning how to be a better person.