Student Voices:

Why I chose Andover

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  • Maria

    Miriam ’18

    Lexington, MA

    The PA community provides an incredible amount of support and motivation. Every day, I'm inspired by the people around me to work hard and reach towards goals I would have never thought were possible.

  • Nicodemo

    Yatharth ’17

    Slamiya, Kuwait

    Think you’re a Math kid, uninterested in Philosophy, Linguistics or rock-climbing? Come to Andover and be proven wrong in the most fulfilling, important ways ever… Discover within to understand without. Come to be inspired and be an inspiration…

  • Rosie

    Rosie ’17

    Macon, GA

    Andover is a rather large community, but a very strong one. The welcoming atmosphere and genuinely kind people are what helped me to call PA ‘home’.

  • Will

    Will ’16

    Lake Forest, IL

    Talented peers, championship athletics, and the boys. Who needs red, anyways?

  • Lily

    Sarah ’18

    Andover, MA

    I chose Andover because I knew it was the place at which I could unleash the potential that I believed was in me. There is much to be discovered in yourself that is awaiting at Andover!

  • Brandon

    Brandon ’16

    Beverly, MA

    I came to Andover seeking a challenge and way to improve my hard work and skill sets. What amazes me is how much I've grown while doing so. #Support #ItsLitt

  • Brandon

    Claudia ’18

    Shanghai, China

    After visiting Andover for my initial tour and for revisit day, I realized it was a community where the teachers genuinely wanted to teach and the students were truly excited to learn. And I wanted to be a part of it.

  • Nya

    Nya ’15

    Brooklyn, NY

    When I visited Andover, all of the kids were friendly and charismatic. I wanted to be a part of that community #big #blue #nice

  • Connor

    Connor ’15

    Hillsborough, CA

    On my revisit day, I remember seeing students walking to class happy and enjoying themselves. The teachers didn’t talk at you, they talked with you. The students and teachers shared a strong bond that went far beyond basic instruction.

  • Thea

    Thea ’15

    Charlottesville, VA

    The student body is so talented, smart, welcoming, driven, and bursting with PA pride. I know that the friendships I have formed here will last very far into the future. #community

  • Ethan

    Ethan ’17

    Bethel, CT

    The perfect combination of academics, sports, extra-curriculars, and school spirit.

  • Nicodemo

    Nicodemo ’16

    Andover, MA

    I came to Andover because it’s a place where I can express my creativity—a place where I can truly be myself. #EndlessOpportunities

  • Alexandra

    Alexandra ’15

    Andover, MA

    Andover had been my dream school ever since I was little. Living as a day student has been the best of both worlds #DreamsComeTrue

  • Sam

    Sam ’15

    Sudbury, MA

    On my revisit day, not only the students but also the teachers seemed to really enjoy being at PA and genuinely wanted me to go #BigBlueNice

  • China

    China ’15

    Kotzebue, AK

    Even though Andover is thousands of miles from home, it felt like home to me. Everyone was so welcoming.

  • Darren

    Darren ’16

    North Andover, MA

    I thought Andover would challenge and help me to reach my full potential. It has a rigorous curriculum that balanced academics, arts, and athletics.

  • Rebecca

    Rebecca ’15

    Falls Church, VA

    I wanted the challenge of discovering myself and learning to live on my own. #independence

  • Ashley

    Ashley ’16

    Norfolk, VA

    As soon as I heard about Andover-Exeter Weekend, I knew.

  • Vienna

    Vienna ’16

    San Diego, CA

    It’s an exciting, global community and has challenged me in ways I never imagined a school could… not to mention I’ve made amazing friends and have super fun weekends! #workhardplayhard

  • Cameron

    Cameron ’16

    Andover, MA

    Best part of being a junior is definitely meeting new people and trying new things! #juniorequalsfreshmanatPA

  • Gregory

    Haryani ’18

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    I wanted to go to PA ever since I saw my sister and her class graduate on the great lawn. They had so much school spirit and even though they had a big class they were all so close to each other which really appealed to me #GoBigBlue