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December 9, 2009 News, Events, & Announcements for Andover Parents
Note from the Associate Head of School
Friday marks the end of a wonderful, productive and exciting fall term on Andover Hill. As we pass the mid-point of the fall term extended period week, the first snowfall of the season is blanketing the campus. Ask your child about the giant snowman in front of SamPhil! The snow is beautiful, but we know it can create some travel problems for day students. Luckily, only a handful of students had travel complications today. As we head into the winter, day students and parents are reminded to contact their cluster dean any time a student cannot get to campus or will be delayed by the weather.

Response to the Parent Bulletin has been positive, and I hope that you have enjoyed receiving these notices, which complement the other sources of news. I am interested in your feedback, and encourage you to let me know if there is any particular type information you suggest we include in upcoming bulletins.

Over the next few weeks, many of our seniors will receive early admission decisions and others will be putting the finishing touches on applications. Our best wishes to all members of the class of 2010 as they continue to hope and dream about their futures. To all Andover families, enjoy the holiday season and the time you spend together! -- Becky Sykes
H1N1 and Seasonal Flu Update
Isham Health Center recently received another supply of H1N1 flu vaccine from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. If you have submitted a signed consent form and your child has not yet received the H1N1 flu vaccine, please encourage him/her to come to Isham to be vaccinated between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, December 10 or Friday, December 11. A pre-announced H1N1 flu vaccine clinic was held on the evening of December 3 for unvaccinated students with consent forms on file, but a fair number did not come. If you want your child to receive the H1N1 vaccine, but have not sent in a consent form, it's not too late. Consent forms are available. We have not seen any students with a flu-like illness in the health center for the past month, and nationally, the numbers of probable H1N1 flu cases have been falling for the past 4 to 5 weeks. However, medical authorities remain uncertain as to if and when a third wave of H1N1 flu activity will affect the country.

The academy has not been unable to obtain any seasonal flu vaccine to date, but there are signs that the national supply may soon be opening up. If your child has not yet received the seasonal flu vaccine, we encourage you to try to obtain it from your primary care provider over the upcoming vacation break. We do expect to finally obtain some doses of the seasonal flu vaccine by January, but the earlier one receives the vaccine, the better.
Theater and Dance & Music Department News
The Theater and Dance department in collaboration with the Music Department produced a stellar/exciting/successful/etc. rendition of The Who’s Tommy. The cast and crew, made up of 65 students, received a standing ovation at all three sold out shows. The production was a multimedia event and employed an eight member rock band, digital projections, a three-tier metal piping structure, elaborate choreography, and strong vocals. Another powerful production is planned for next term; Oedipus Rex will have a cast of 40 students. Audiences can expect to see the piping structure used in Tommy, reworked into a new, innovative set for Oedipus. Tickets for Oedipus will go on sale the end of February. Please watch our website for further information about this and other upcoming shows.
Blue Card Reminder
BlueCard is the fastest and easiest way for your student to pay for books at the Andover Bookstore, and it makes returns easy as well. Remember to fund your child’s card before he or she returns in January by going to the BlueCard web site: You will need to know either your child’s student ID number or your BlueCard password in order to make a deposit.
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