Knowledge & Goodness: The Andover Campaign

Knowledge & Goodness: The Andover Campaign seeks to animate the values we hold dear and shape our school for the 21st century.

Together, we will invest in need-based financial aid, in innovations in teaching and learning, and in campus facilities that expand the mind and restore the body. We will create new opportunities to engage with the world, to build student and faculty partnerships, and to nurture dialogue that promotes genuine understanding of self and others.

We will unite to change lives—and transform the Andover experience for generations to come.

As a trustee, but more importantly as a donor of almost 30 consecutive years, I feel compelled to be an early investor in this campaign. I am committed to Andover and know that Knowledge & Goodness will have a tremendous impact.


A commitment to need-blind admission and financial aid truly separates Andover from its peers. It is an exceptional promise to our talented students—and one we should all be proud to uphold.

TOOMAS KUKK ’59, P’86, ’88, GP’19

Knowledge & Goodness will raise $400 million for priorities vital to Andover’s growth and success, making the campaign the most ambitious in Andover history and the largest among all independent secondary schools.

$118.5 million

Campus Buildings

Our campus is truly a home—a scenic 500-acre setting for both living and learning, at once reflective and vibrant.

$110.5 million

Financial Aid

For every talented opportunity. We want our young people to embrace the Andover experience right from the start.

$85 million

Annual Giving

Annual giving has an immediate impact at Andover by strengthening every aspect of student life and supporting the work of our world-class faculty.

$25 million

Tang Institute

Andover stands at the nexus of inquiry and innovation. It’s a union made all the more profound by the Tang Institute.

$16 million

Learning in the World

At Andover, we believe every student should have the chance to immerse themselves in new cultural experiences.

$15 million

Faculty and the Academic Enterprise

At Andover, exceptional instructors are the guarantors of excellence and a cornerstone of the student experience.

$10 million

Equity and Inclusion

We will continue to build an intentionally diverse learning community, giving our students every opportunity to explore it and thrive.

$10 million

Health and Wellness

We fulfill a moral imperative when we secure the well-being of our students.

$10 million


The museums at Andover stimulate so much of the intellectual and creative spirit on campus.

Now is the time to join us on this journey.

Our campaign will be the largest ever for Andover and among all independent secondary schools. Our goals are ambitious, but the impact of Knowledge & Goodness will be nothing short of historic.

The campaign’s title may be familiar, as it draws from our constitution and invokes values prized since our founding. Yet it speaks much more to our future than to our past. The world needs a place like Andover, and Andover needs to rise confidently in the world.

We must continue to educate and inspire our students to tackle the most challenging issues of our time and to do so with both head and heart. We must give them every chance to grow, to fail, to succeed, and to lead lives of lasting value.

Our campaign priorities illuminate every aspect of the Andover experience and all corners of our campus. From financial aid to our academic enterprise to our building projects, we have an unprecedented opportunity to propel Andover forward—and to leave our own legacy.

Knowledge & Goodness is a bold declaration. Together we will make it a reality.


Head of School

Our Campaign Chairs

  • Joseph Y. Bae ’90
  • Peter L.S. Currie ’74, P’03
  • Amy C. Falls ’82, P’19, ’21