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January 20, 2010 News, Events, & Announcements for Andover Parents
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Health and Safety
The H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines are available to students with parental consent forms at Isham Health Center. If your child has not been vaccinated, please encourage them to visit Isham from Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

We continue to remind students to practice caution and when walking to and from downtown Andover. Students are encouraged to use Main Street and travel in groups of two or more. As always, if something troubling happens it should immediately be reported to Phillips Academy Public Safety by calling 978-749-4444 from a mobile phone or 4444 from an on-campus phone.

During the first week of the winter term we conducted a test of the Academy’s emergency notification system for all students. The system we have in place sends a text message and telephone call with a recorded message to all cell phone numbers that we have on record. The test took place as students were arriving at the Chapel for the weekly All School Meeting. When asked for a show of hands, it was clear that an overwhelming majority of students received the messages as intended. We were pleased with the results and will continue to refine our emergency communications protocols and to collect current cell phone numbers from campus community members.
The Directory
In support of the academy’s sustainability and cost reduction initiatives, the Directory went paperless this year. Parents can access the Directory by logging in to the Parent Portal and clicking on the PA Community tab. The pdf’s of the Directory (faculty, staff and students) are at the top of the page.
Relief for Haiti
The Andover community traditionally rises to the occasion to offer support in times of crisis and the Haiti earthquake is no exception. Our Instructor in English Stephanie Curci and the Community Service Office are taking the lead to coordinate our efforts to raise funds and awareness. Proceeds from several previously planned events will be directed to humanitarian assistance in Haiti. (For example, the entrance fees collected at last Friday night’s dodge ball contest will be donated.) Dozens of organizations are involved in the relief effort and we have provided the on-campus community with a short list of agencies we know to be reputable and effective in distributing aid.
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