For the Love of Teaching

Phillips Academy

With a combined total of nearly 220 years at Andover, this spring’s seven retiring faculty members will be deeply missed. Whether in the classroom, on the playing field, in the dormitory, or over a calming cup of tea, each faculty member offered their students just the right combination of inspiration, encouragement, and compassion. As evidenced by tributes from dozens of alumni, these teachers and role models have had an impact that will continue to echo far beyond the Hill.

by Jill Clerkin & Allyson Irish

Photos by Dave White

Tom Cone

Instructor in Biology

PA Start Date: 1966

Elaine Crivelli

Instructor in Art

PA Start Date: 1997

Tom Hodgson

Instructor in Philosophy and
Religious Studies

PA Start Date:
1976 Teaching Fellow
1977 Instructor in Philosophy

Carol Israel

Instructor in Psychology, Psychological Counseler, Wellness Educator

PA Start Date: 1985

Betsy Korn

Associate Dean of Studies and Registrar

PA Start Date: 1986

David Stern

Instructor in Chemistry

PA Start Date: 2001

Peter Watt

Instructor in Physics

PA Start Date: 1988